Assembly Inspection for CT Applications

  • Visualize internal components within assembled products
  • Find post-assembly internal defects like broken leads and missing components
  • Inspect and measure clearances between internal, inaccessible components
  • Create dramatic product images for quality, manufacturing, sales and marketing

Assembly Inspection for a variety of Inspection Services

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Why RX Solutions CT

No one else in the industry provides this level of high performance CT Scanners with the best value, all-inclusive software and responsive support.
Every surface, internal and external, complete coverage with millions of points in only a few minutes.


Medical & Dental        Aerospace        Automotive        Composite Electronics        Injection Molding        Military & Defense        Oil & Gas        Plastics        Additive Manufacturing        Academic & Research Centers        Arts & Jewels

Computed Tomography – The Perfect Measurement Tool

Our assembly inspection covers even complex parts. Compared to a majority of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques, computed tomography is not limited by the sample geometry, so it’s much more comprehensive and allows for the inspection of assemblies and complex parts.

Assembly inspection is vital because when an object is assembled from different components, it will present multiple hidden features and elements. Computed Tomography can be implemented to investigate the quality of the assembly at any step of the production process. This allows the distinct advantage of an internal visualization of the object without having to disassemble it.

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