EasyTom S

EasyTom S

Compact Micro CT System

Top Performance

  • Micro-focus Generators: Outstanding CT Resolution 2 μm
  • High speed Detector: Fastest scan 6 sec.

High Flexibility

  • Large inspection volume (ØxH): 185 mm x 390 mm
  • Easy integration: Small footprint - Plug & play
  • Designed for multiple applications: Different configurations available

Maximum Efficiency

  • Enhanced mechanics: long-term stability granite axes
  • Automated scanning reconstruction and inspection workflow
  • Multiple acquisition modes: Conventional, helical, shift, stack...
  • High availability: low maintenance downtime


X-Act Software:
  • Independent plugins to drive generator(s), imager(s), axes
  • Other plugins available for: dimensional measurements, video sequence acquisition, image filtering and processing, image export
CT Acquisition:
  • CT Acquisition:
  • Advanced plugin with options (360° rotation, helical, continuous rotation, laminography)
  • Learning/Macros mode from automated workflow
CT Reconstruction:
  • GPU implementation including various filters
  • Post-processing software:
  • 3D vizualisation, metrology, CAD comparison, defect analysis: in option
Technical Specifications


Scanning Capabilities

Highest resolution: 2 μm (JIMA & QRM Charts)
Maximum scanned volume (ØxH) (The sample size can exceed the maximum scanned volume): 185 mm x 390 mm
Maximum sample weight: 5 kg

Mechanical Specifications

Cabinet dimensions (HxWxD): 1865 mm x 1325 mm x 890 mm
Total weight of the system: 1020 kg
Vertical Axis: 300 mm
Lateral Axis: 200 mm
Zoom Axis: 466 mm
Generator to detector distance: 590 mm


X-ray Generator
Microfocus sealed tube: Option 1

Maximum voltage: 110 kV
Maximum power: 16 W
Minimum focal spot size: 2 μm

Microfocus sealed tube: Option 2

Maximum voltage: 130 kV
Maximum power: 39 W
Minimum focal spot size: 5 μm

Microfocus sealed tube: Option 3

Maximum voltage: 150 kV
Maximum power: 75 W
Minimum focal spot size: 5 μm

X-ray Detector

Flat panel (Other detectors available on request)
Active area: 20 cm x 25 cm
Pixel pitch: 127 μm
Pixel matrix: 1920 x 1536
Frame rate: 1-60 fps