EasyTom L

EasyTom L

3D Micro & Nano Computed Tomography System

  • High-energy micro-focus and nano-focus in a single system
  • Up to 300kV microfocus
  • Designed for in-situ experiments
  • Enlarged scanning envelope
  • Optional motorized filter changer
  • Internal thermal regulation
  • Optimized lead shielding
  • Optional solid doors with cameras
  • Improved doors and movement safety

Extreme Performance in a Compact System

EasyTom L is a combination system capable of performing micro and nano-focus scans for a variety of 3D imaging applications. Dual-tube configuration allows the EasyTom L to seamlessly transition from scanning large aluminum castings to the tiniest heart stents without additional modification.



X-Act Software:
  • Independent plugins to drive generator(s), imager(s), axes
  • Other plugins available for: dimensional measurements, video sequence acquisition, image filtering and processing, image export
CT Acquisition:
  • Advanced plugin with options (360° rotation, helical, continuous rotation, laminography)
  • Learning/Macros mode from automated workflow
CT Reconstruction:
  • GPU implementation including various filters
  • Post-processing software: X-Act
  • 3D visualisation, metrology, CAD comparison, defect analysis: Volume Graphics
Technical Specifications


Safety Cabinet
  • Footprint: 2400 x 1200 x 2000 mm
  • Single or dual tube configurations from 150kV to 300kV
  • Large scanning volume (diameter x height): ⌀450 mm x 640mm
  • Granite base for temperature stability and damping properties
  • Maximum sample weight of 30kg
  • Maximum source-to-detector distance (SDD) of 1000mm
X-ray Generator
  • Single or dual-tube configuration
  • Sealed or open tubes capable of both micro or nano-focus
  • Scan resolution down to 0.4um
  • Optional second tube installation onsite

Several options and combinations available:

  • High resolution flat panel detector
  • Large area flat panel detector
  • CCD sensor

Designed to support manufacturers at every stage of a product’s life cycle, the EasyTom L is the ideal system to bring your product from prototyping to launch. With easily customizable features, the EasyTom L grows with your company to consistently meet evolving needs and requirements. This system caters to a wide range of industries including medical device manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and academic research.

Simplify data acquisition with X-Act software

Our software not only simplifies data capture but also streamlines reconstruction through advanced correction algorithms. X-Act ensures seamless automation from acquisition to post-processing, elevating efficiency at every step of the process.

  • Control
  • Acquisition
  • Reconstruction

Featuring 14 acquisition modes, X-Act is an intuitive, high-performance software suitable for users of all experience levels. The software includes 3 user modes to accommodate daily users to day one users. Easily address common reconstruction challenges like beam hardening with automatic calibration, stabilization, and real time artifact correction.

RX SOLUTIONS - Photographie d'un tomographe EASYTOM L. A Chavanod le 22 décembre 2023 - Photo Gilles BERTRAND