Material Analysis for CT Applications

  • Detect, visualize and quantify defects, with 3D representation
  • Determination of fiber orientation and distribution on composite components
  • Fiber agglomeration and porosity
  • Observe details at a nano level

Material Analysis for a variety of Inspection Services

Material Distribution
Micro-structure Analysis
Additive Manufacturing Sample Inspection
Electronics Sample Inspection

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Computed Tomography – Visualize Tiny Details with High Accuracy

Advancements in CT hardware and software have enabled the analysis of material structures like additive part lattice structures and carbon fiber layup structures. In addition to the analysis of completed parts, CT Material analysis can also provide valuable information on the materials feeding the process such as the analysis of the size and form of powdered metals prior to sintering in an additive process. The most recent significant change is the development of new X Ray source and detector panels that allow for material analysis to sub-micron levels.

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