Quality Control for CT Applications

  • Reduce time to market with first article inspection
  • Assess every welds on your components

Quality Control for a Variety of Inspection Services

Adhesive Analysis
Shrinkage and Warpage Analysis
Failure Analysis

Why RX Solutions CT

No one else in the industry provides this level of high performance CT Scanners with the best value, all-inclusive software and responsive support.
Every surface, internal and external, complete coverage with millions of points in only a few minutes.


Medical & Dental        Aerospace        Automotive        Composite Electronics        Injection Molding        Military & Defense        Oil & Gas        Plastics        Additive Manufacturing        Academic & Research Centers        Arts & Jewels

Computed Tomography – Control Your Components Features

Prior to industrial CT scanning and digital X Ray, 2D film X Rays were the first practical application of radiographic technology in manufacturing: looking for defects like cracks, voids, porosity and material inclusions in manufactured parts like aircraft components. For the first time, quality assurance could look inside a part to see what was happening. Digital X Ray greatly improved the process and 3D CT scanning and automated defect detection has brought it to unforeseen levels of visualization and automation.

Our contract services group would be happy to provide a test can of your part looking for these kinds of attributes / defects.

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