Advancements for Medical Technology Part Inspection

Evolving medical technologies have led to new devices that are held to an increasingly high standard in the design, development, and testing processes. 

Millions of people worldwide depend on insulin pens, implantable devices, heart stents, and capsules to live. There is no room for error when human lives depend on the success of a medical device. Industrial computed tomography (CT) is a reliable tool that ensures medical devices are the best they can be before they ever reach consumer hands. 

X-ray Applications for Medical Components

Industrial CT scanners can easily identify and calculate porosities in an implant, generate point cloud data for a femoral artery, or highlight internal structural flaws of a coronary stent. 

X-ray tomography capabilities include: 

  • Scanned part data to nominal CAD model comparison
  • High precision dimensional measurement of part geometries in a single scan
  • Analysis and inspection of porosities and inclusions for internal & external features
  • Fault detection in complex assembled parts 

Benefits of Implementing CT into Design & Development

Many medical devices have complex components and assemblies that must be inspected without damaging the integrity of the part. Industrial CT provides a non-destructive option to see internal flaws without disassembling or damaging the workpiece.

Implementing x-ray tomography early into the development and design of new devices can save time and resources by avoiding costly rework down the line. 

This 3D scanning technology keeps pace with medtech’s evolving specifications for devices and components, ensuring confidence in the products used for life saving applications.

How RX Solutions Can Help

RX Solutions medical inspection equipment features a full line of non-destructive, computed tomography systems that can scan metals, plastics, and organic materials. These systems can perform defect detection, composite and material analysis, and assembly inspection with micro and nano accuracy. 

With a resolution of up to 5 μm, industrial CT makes it possible to validate details inaccessible to the eye on medical devices and implants. Metrology Matters in nearly every industry, and industrial CT offers a solution to many medtech measurement challenges in one single scan.