Composite Analysis with X-Ray Tomography

Composites, being the product of two or more constituent materials, all vary in their chemical and physical structures. This variance makes composite materials ideal for use in many industrial fields, but requires inspection during the production process. The technology behind CT metrology provides a clear solution for seeing inside composites to make sure they will function and perform properly. 

Exploring Composite Structures

Because composites are made of multiple unique components forced together, the potential for functional failure is higher in comparison to parts made from one material. Computed tomography highlights composite defects before the material is put to use, eliminating its opportunity to fail. 

CT scanning of composite materials offers:

  • Flaw analysis
  • Part to CAD comparison
  • Reverse engineering
  • Wall thickness analysis

The geometric information compiled from a scanned composite sample is presented in a dataset with accurate measurements for each individual fiber. The structural and dimensional integrity of composite parts is thoroughly confirmed with nondestructive, x-ray scanning. 

CT Scanning Analysis Capabilities

Industrial CT scanning visually represents the orientation and distribution of fibers inside a composite product. With the tomographic dataset as evidence, fiber distribution can confidently be reported, assuring the success of the mechanical and physical properties of the composite.

Components scanned with CT technology have a qualified assessment of their strength, defective properties, and internal stresses. RX Solutions’ powerful software easily combs the CT dataset and parts out flawed composites from those with homogeneous fiber distribution. 

A 3D volume reproduction makes it possible to:

  • Analyze the volume fraction of pores
  • Calculate pore distribution within a sample
  • Identify cracks, fiber distribution, and structural inadequacies

The Bottom Line

Metrology backed CT systems like the EasyTom S, EasyTom, and EasyTom XL are grounded in the principles of non-destructive testing to preserve part integrity, early flaw and compatibility detection, and nano-precision 3D rendering capabilities.

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