Inspecting Complex Aerospace Parts with X-Ray Tomography

In the aerospace industry, it is critical that all parts and products pass inspection without any doubt in the precision and accuracy of their configuration. X-ray tomography is an effective and efficient tool for verifying product quality and safety without damaging the part.

Companies in the aerospace industry often run into product quality issues, mainly due to the complexity of the parts involved.

It can be especially difficult to perform quality inspections on parts like…

  • Turbine blades
  • Pitot tubes
  • Molded parts
  • Electronic sensors
  • Landing gear
  • Wing components

X-Ray Tomography Can Help Aerospace Companies Conduct Fast and Accurate Inspections

X-ray tomography is a very effective way to help…

  • Verify product quality
  • Develop improved parts while considering safety
  • Reduce waste
  • Inspect without destroying the part
  • Improve the use of environmentally-friendly materials

Benefits of X-Ray Tomography for the Aerospace Industry

X-ray tomography offers many benefits. Its non-destructive inspection negates the need to cut or modify a part for the scanner. Additionally, X-ray tomography ensures the conformity of components before beginning the very expensive manufacturing process.

This method helps reduce inspection time while providing highly-accurate results for parts of any shape, saving both time and money. Scans can also be automated to further boost inspection efficiency. The process offers easy data archiving for all scans performed, solving data storage issues as well.

Accurate inspection is critical: early detection of defects saves costs, ensures safety, and reduces both waste and warranty issues.

RX Solutions Offers X-Ray Tomography for Companies in the Aerospace Industry

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